Nolvadex is a drug that is prescribed for breast cancer, which has spread to other parts. The drug, along with other medicines, is also used for treating other kinds of cancers. Nolvadex is also given to women who are at high risk for breast cancer and also prescribed for reducing the risk of developing breast cancer for women with DCIS.

Nolvadex belongs to a group of drugs known as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. The active ingredient in Nolvadex is tamoxifen citrate and this acts on the estrogen receptors and locks it from growing.

Nolvadex tablets by AstraZeneca

The drug can be taken with food and without food but take it with a full glass of water. Always follow the doctor’s direction while taking Nolvadex. Never go for larger doses or less or for longer periods unless your doctor directs. Always complete the course of the medication and do not stop in the middle of a course as it can increase the risk of side effects.

Never miss any dosages. In case you forget to take a dose, take it as you remember it. But never have the missed drug if it is time for your next dose. Do not mix two doses of Nolvadex. Well, if you suspect an overdose, contact the doctor immediately.

It is better to inform your doctor about all your health conditions, including your diseases and the allergies that you have, before the doctor prescribes Nolvadex.

Inform the physician if you have allergies to any particular substance, food or medicine. Do not hide from the doctor if you have a history of stroke, blood clot, cataract or if you have liver disease or if you have high levels of triglycerides in blood or if you are receiving radiation treatment.

The drug is FDA pregnancy category D, which means that the medicine can cause harm to the unborn babe. If pregnant or hoping to get pregnant, you should not take Nolvadex. It is better not to get pregnant while you are on Nolvadex medication. Moreover, pregnant women should also not handle the drug as it may enter the body through the skin. Newborn babes should never be breast fed if the mother is taking Nolvadex medicine.

Though the drug is effective against breast cancer, there is an increased possibility for the development of endometrial or uterine cancer. If you come across menstrual changes, vaginal bleeding or pelvic pain while using Nolvadex, you have to contact the doctor without any delay, as these may be the symptoms of uterine cancer. Well, you have to be careful if you come across such symptoms even after stopping the drug.

Nolvadex also comes with side effects but it is not that every person who takes the drug is liable for such side effects. Well, you may come across allergic reactions like hives, breathing difficulty and swelling. Some of the serious side effects that come with Nolvadex include sudden numbness, headache, vision and speech problems, chest pain, coughing up blood, swelling in legs, irregular menstrual periods and unusual vaginal bleeding.

Nolvadex is considered to be effective for treating breast cancer. The drug is also prescribed to prevent cancer that has spread to other parts.

Drug usage

Though Nolvadex is considered effective for reducing the risk of breast cancer, there is a possibility of developing endometrial (uterine) cancer while taking the drug.

How taken

Always stick to the prescription and never deviate from what your doctor has recommended. An oral drug, Nolvadex can be taken with food and also in empty stomach. The drug can be taken either with water or any non-alcoholic liquid.

The drug should be swallowed only. Never chew, break or crush Nolvadex as it should have to get into the body very slowly. The drug should not be stopped on your own even if you feel some relief. The doctor may advise Nolvadex for a very long period.

Missed dose

It is always advised no to miss any dose of Nolvadex. But if a dose is forgotten, just skip it and continue with your regular dosage. Never compensate for missed doses.

More information

You should have to talk elaborately with the doctor if you have allergic reactions to any particular food, medicine or any substance before he prescribes Nolvadex.

Moreover, you should also tell the doctor about all he present and past health history. Tell your doctor if you are having ay history of high levels of calcium, blood clots, high cholesterol, high lipid levels, low white blood cell counts, weak immune system, low platelets counts and vision problems. If you are having any of these problems, your doctor may not prescribe Nolvadex drug or he may alter the dosages.

Nolvadex drug is known to cause harm to the unborn babe. So it is better that pregnant women avoid the drug. Moreover, it is better not to get pregnant while you are on Nolvadex medication. Though it is not known if the drug causes harm to the newborn, breast-feeding moms should only take the drug only after consulting the doctor about all aspects related to the drug.


Nolvadex is also known to interact with certain medicines. So you should tell the physician on all medicines, prescriptive or non-prescriptive medicines, that you use.

Nolvadex is not prescribed if you are taking Anticoagulants, Cytotoxic cancer medicines, Rifampin, Fluorouracil, mitomycin C and Aromatase inhibitors.

After taking the medicine, never drive or perform any hard task, as the drug is known to cause dizziness. The effects can worsen if you consume alcohol.

You should also avoid bruising, as Nolvadex is known to reduce platelets in the blood. As Nolvadex is known to lower the immunity of your body, you should not come in contact with persons who have infections.

Well, while you are on Nolvadex medication, you should have to keep your appointments and lab tests, as the doctor needs to check your blood, breast and other functions.

Side effects

Nolvadex comes with several side effects. The common side effects seen in persons using Nolvadex include pain in the bone/muscle, hot flashes, coughing, weight loss and vaginal discharge.

Some of the allergic reactions include hives, swelling and difficult breathing. Some persons may also come across serious effects including abnormal periods, vaginal bleeding, chest pain, dark urine and decreased sexual desire.

Treat breast cancer by the use of Nolvadex

There are many people who are spending busy lives due to their hectic schedule. These people do not find sufficient time to spend it with their friends and family members. Such people also do not spend time for their own health. This the main reason due to which the chances of getting health problems become high. Besides this, there are many other causes which create problems for the health of person. In these causes, air and water pollution are present. Air and water pollution are considered as some of the major sources of health problems.

Where there is a Will to Fight Cancer, There is a Way

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can be devastating and can turn the person’s life upside down. Such things not only affect the self but the entire family too. What ever be the stage of cancer, the impact that it hits with would be the same.

But then it will take the woman quite a while to accept the truth. There is a natural process that takes place, first of denial that it is not true. After a few days a resigned acceptance over takes and a sense of fatalistic despair takes over. The person is likely to think that she is at the end of her life and the next moment is going to step into death. In such mental condition, there is no possibility or recognition of the fact that there can be some other out come; She is not likely to consider that she can live. She resigns herself to fate and prayer alone.

While the above is the likely reaction of many people. But then there are other courageous women who do not think the same way. They accept the fact that they are affected by this deadly disease which can be fatal. After spending a few days by themselves, they come to terms with it and then begin to consider the options in front of them. They are very practical when it comes to living their life. They leave no stone unturned to find out all they can about the condition and possibilities of cure. They discuss in detail with their doctor, get their doubts clarified and take responsibility for themselves. They read up everything they get on the internet too.

The major difference between the above cases is that one has turned fatalistic and the other has decided to fight. The doctors will always tell you that it is possible to cure cancer, but only when the patient is ready to put her will to test and fight to route out cancer within her. If the patient begins treatment meticulously with this attitude and with total dedication, focus and will, cancer has no other way but to recede and quit.

Today thanks to extensive medical research cancer is no longer dreadful as it was a few decades ago. It is becoming increasingly common for women to have been cured of cancer and leading a perfectly normal life. Medications and treatments options available are highly advanced and sophisticated to successfully combat the deadly enemy.

Nolvadex is a popular medication that is administered to both early stages of breast cancer as well as advanced breast cancer patients. Marketed by Astrazeneca, the generic name of the drug is Tamoxifen. Nolvadex is an anti-estrogen which works against estrogen receptors that are present in the breast tissue. Cancer cells depend upon estrogen for their growth. When Nolvadex blocks the estrogen receptors, the cancer tissue’s growth is curbed. Nolvadex has become a accepted standard endocrine –anti estrogen therapy for early stages of breast cancer. This is not all; Nolvadex is also used in treatment of infertility resulting from anovulatory disorders, as well as retroperitoneal fibrosis.

But then women should be very careful while using this drug, for it is known to have side effects that are very serious and can turn fatal. This medication should strictly be taken against medical prescription only. If you find any symptoms of blood clotting, impairment of breathing, pain in chest, blurred vision etc, you should immediately consult the doctor.

Be informed of your complete medical problem, treatment and all about medication. It helps you fight cancer and defeat it.

Introduction to steroids

When hearing of steroids, the first thing that comes to mind is athletes and the doping tests. Steroids are very common in the sports world where the players try steroids to give them an edge over their rivals.

Novaldex: a medicine in chemotherapy

It is an admitted fact that every person has to get death. In the past, the ratio of getting diseases and death was very low but with the development in science and technology, we have made such things due to which this rate has been increased to a great extent.

Barriers to Women's Health Care

In advanced countries like Europe and America, health care provided is the best in the world. For women, the need for health care is very high. Women go through several biological and social processes that call for medical attention and assistance. Besides these women have to battle the diseases and problems like all others. Women play multiple roles all through their lives and juggle with a lot of responsibilities at the same time. The demand on women from all of her roles places a lot of strain and stress on her. However rich or poor a woman has the same priorities in life and deals with similar situations. Women from weaker economic sections however may faced more burden due to their economic condition.

Live Life King Size

Just like the word Fire brings to the mind an awareness of heat and burning, the word Cancer brings to mind a fear of the unknown. Even HIV Aids is no doubt an epidemic of the current century, so is diabetes. But these diseases do not convey to our minds a kind of fatalistic feeling and sense of helplessness as does cancer.

Tips for New Cancer Patients

Learning to cope up with Cancer is very difficult especially in the beginning. Your life can turn topsy turvey when you find out that you have been diagnosed with cancer. But then over the last few years there has been tremendous advancement in medical science where in the diagnostics as well as treatment options available have improved tremendously wherein the focus now is on organ saving unlike earlier procedures of organ removal to stop spreading of cancer.

How I am Coping With Cancer

I have been diagnosed with ER+ type breast cancer two months ago. After several tests and sessions with the doctor, I have been put on a hormonal treatment with prescription of Novaldex. Thanks to internet and sites like Wikipedia, any information that you wish to seek out is available. I have gone through all the information that is there on various websites regarding Novaldex. The generic name of Novaldex is Tamoxifen. From what I have gathered by reading the information, I understand as a common man that the ER+Type of breast cancer is such that the cancer cells depend upon Estrogen hormone for their survival and growth. Novaldex is designed to block the Estrogen receptor from being activated. Thereby the cancer cells are unable to get through with the Estrogen receptor and access Estrogen hormone and in the absence begin to die.

Only One Life To Live

We have only one life to live and undoubtedly we want to live well. What do we mean by living life? The meaning could be different to different people. The meaning could well change over time as we evolve. Most people start off their life without knowing where they are going and what it is that they are seeking.

Nutrition and Cancer

A profound state of malnutrition, the cachexia of malignancy, is frequently the most debilitating feature of this disease process. In many instances, it can be attributed to anorexia with an associated distortion of taste sensation or acquired aversion to specific foods, particularly meat.

Hormone Onslaughts

The birth of a child lights up many lives including that of the parents and the entire family. The home where the child is born has a different and happy vibration. The joy and the good tidings are in the air.

Life in the present times is very comfortable indeed.

People can very well afford to live alone even during their sunset years and manage all the domestic chores on their own. We have the gadgets and the readymade products to thank for.

Anticoagulants and Tamoxifen

The anticoagulant effects of warfarin are markedly increased by tamoxifen. A dosage reduction (about a half, or even more) may be needed to avoid bleeding.

Clinical evidence

A woman on warfarin needed a dosage reduction from five to 1 mg daily to keep her prothrombin time within the range 20-25 s while taking 40 mg tamoxifen daily. A retrospective study of the records of five other patients on tamoxifen revealed that two had shown marked increases in prothrombin times and bleeding shortly after starting warfarin. The other three needed warfarin doses which were about one-third of those taken by other patients not on tamoxifen.

This confirms the first report of this interaction in a woman on warfarin who developed haematemesis, abdominal pain and haematuna six weeks after starting 20 mg tamoxifen daily. She was restabilized on a little over half the warfarin dosage while continuing to take the tamoxifen. The Hospitals Drug File has on record 22 patients given both drugs 17 of them had no problems but two developed grossly elevated warfarin levels and three haemorrhaged. The manufacturers (ICI) of tamoxifen have another report of this interaction on their files.


Uncertain It seems possible that these drugs compete for the same metabolizing systems in the liver, the result being that the loss of the warfarin is reduced and its effects increased and prolonged.

Importance and management

An established and clinically important interaction. Monitor the effects closely if tamoxifen is added to treatment with warfarin and reduce the dosage appropriately. The reports cited indicate a reduction of a half to two-thirds Some may need much larger reductions. The warfarin dosage will need to be increased if the tamoxifen is later withdrawn. The authors of one of the reports1 postulate that the anti-tumour effects of the tamoxifen may also possibly be reduced. This needs further study. The effect of tamoxifen on other anticoagulants is uncertain but be alert for the same reaction.

Many medicines have been made so far and every medicine is used for particular purpose. Some medicines are made to work along with other medicines. It has been noticed that some medicines cannot work efficiently solely but if they used with some other medicines then they can give extra ordinary results. But most of the times, only those medicines are produced which can work efficiently without any help. What things increase the demand of a particular medicine? There are different things which help in increasing the demand of a medicine but the most important things are the results gained after the use of medicine, its availability and cost. The working capability and cost of medicine is of great importance. Medicines in present time are no longer expensive because there are many pharmaceutical companies which have started producing medicines. So there is a competition between these pharmaceutical companies to produce effective and cheap medicines to increase their sales.

This article is going to tell you about a medicine called as Novaldex and used for breast cancer treatment. You know that breast cancer is one of those health problems which has increased very much in 21th century. Millions of women have lost their lives due to this health problem. It was necessary to treat it so that the deaths caused by breast cancer can be reduced. Considering this thing, scientists developed a medicine which has the ability to treat breast cancer from its initial stage. There are different symptoms of breast cancer which help you in diagnosing this medical problem. Some of the symptoms are given below:

  • Lump formation on breast
  • Change of texture, color and shape of breast
  • Internal pain due to lump formation
  • Release of clear and bloody fluid from milk duct

These symptoms are enough to know ether you are suffering from breast cancer or not. Women who are looking for their breast cancer treatment should consult to a professional doctor immediately. The treatment at initial stage of breast cancer is more effective as compare to end treatment. You can avoid surgical treatment that is harmful in itself and it is adopted when no other way lefts behind.

The use of Nolvadex is very safe but in some conditions, you should prevent its use. Many women have allergic affect to any of those components find in Novaldex. Taking Novaldex in this condition is not suitable for your health. Besides this, there are some medicines which are effective against particular problem but they create many problems for the health if they are taken together. So you should tell you doctor about all those medicines you are already taking. It is possible that these medicines may affect negatively on your body when they are used along with Nolvadex. All in all, you should ask your doctor in every situation related to your health. Any wrong step may push your health towards destruction. If you want to know more about Nolvadex, then you can make online search.

Diet reduce uterine cancer

Cancer is too much fatal disease and many of the medicines are available for its treatment. It is important to cure this disease before it turn to be dangerous. Some quotations said that prevention is better than treatment. In every kind of diseases, it is important to use such kind of diet which helps to prevent them or to cure. Some diets are also available which are helpful in cancer.

High death share is due to cancer

Human is surrounded by many of the disease and it does not depend on the age. It was classical idea that disease attack on people who has more age and their immune system become weak. Now a day diseases are as common in younger people as they are in older.

Ovarian cancer - earlier pregnancy may be

Women who delay their pregnancy to mid-30s have lower risk of getting ovarian cancer compare to those women who become pregnant before that, a new study findings.

New devices to speed up cancer treatment

Treating cancer is not as easy as some people think it might be. The strange thing about treating cancer is that its medicines do not work in the same way for all patients. Sometimes, doctors have to use a combination of medicines while sometimes they do not need. Cancer treatment goes on trial and error basis and that is why its treatment takes much time.

An early diagnosis of bowel cancer is helpful in its treatment

Thousands of people are dying in England from bowel cancer because their disease was not identified at early stage. It has been found that the NHS region in England have wide variation in diagnosing the bowl cancer. A report says that more than 3,000 lives could be saved from this disease if all NHS regions start performing well like other best performing areas. The main reason behind high rate of deaths is the problem to diagnose this disease.

Old cancer drug against effective cancer treatment

The drug that used to treat leukemia for decades is also being considered effective to treat cancer. University of Missouri researchers have found that 6-Thioguanine, also known as 6-TG, have better effects on patients suffering from cancer.

Fitness Tips