An early diagnosis of bowel cancer is helpful in its treatment

Thousands of people are dying in England from bowel cancer because their disease was not identified at early stage. It has been found that the NHS region in England have wide variation in diagnosing the bowl cancer. A report says that more than 3,000 lives could be saved from this disease if all NHS regions start performing well like other best performing areas. The main reason behind high rate of deaths is the problem to diagnose this disease. Less than third of cases are detectable in some regions before cancer start spreading around the body. It is a fact that people from these areas are not coming forward for medical checks. For proper treatment of bowel cancer, it is very necessary to diagnose this health disease at early stage otherwise its consequences are worse.

People who have been identified with the advanced stage of this disease have only 7% chance of living for next five years. This can be compared with a survival figure of 97% when this disease is detected at very early stage.

These survival figures are stated by National Cancer Intelligence Network's Cancer Commissioning Toolkit.

They are collecting the date from more than 150 Clinical Commissioning Groups where thousands of NHS patients are being cared. "It is quite shocking for us that CCGs in England diagnose bowel cancer in only one out of three true patients", Said Mark Flannagan, chief executive of Beating Bowel Cancer.

"If all CCGs start performing best and diagnose the disease, thousands of lives could be saved and millions of pounds could be used for other purposes that are being used for bowel cancer patients treatment." Flanagan said.