Barriers To Women's Health Care

In advanced countries like Europe and America, health care provided is the best in the world. For women, the need for health care is very high. Women go through several biological and social processes that call for medical attention and assistance. Besides these women have to battle the diseases and problems like all others. Women play multiple roles all through their lives and juggle with a lot of responsibilities at the same time. The demand on women from all of her roles places a lot of strain and stress on her. However rich or poor a woman has the same priorities in life and deals with similar situations. Women from weaker economic sections however may faced more burden due to their economic condition.

Government provides for women's healthcare through policy and budgets. Quality healthcare is available across the country in Europe and America. Social security and medical insurance networks manage the healthcare efficiently. Women in Europe and America are far better informed and aware about healthcare needs and services as compared to women from other nations. However studies in these countries reveal that despite the availability of quality healthcare the number of women accessing the same is not very high.

One of the primary reasons that acts as a barrier to health care for women in these societies is the exorbitant cost of health care services and more importantly of the prescription drugs. Many women find it difficult to pay up the huge premiums towards health insurance. The percentage of women who are not covered through their employers is quite high. Especially women who are of senior ages find it difficult to pay for the premiums from their pensions and tend to postpone or neglect their problems to avoid insurance claims.

The cost of drugs as well as treatments has gone up very high in the past years. Prescription drugs would need to be paid for by the patients themselves. Normally depending upon the age of the woman, it is becoming common to take prescription drugs daily. Right from the age of thirty onwards women are seen to be consuming tablets daily for their specific nutritional needs and body conditions. As the one gets older, the number of drugs that one depends upon increases too. It is quite common to see a senior citizen woman depending upon more than six to eight tablets daily. With the increased cost of drugs, it is very difficult for these women to procure the same on monthly basis and continue with their medical treatment. Therefore naturally they tend to cut corners and avoid renewing their health insurance on yearly basis.

Women have many priorities that demand their attention all the time. Paying attention to their children's needs, managing the home and kitchen, shopping and attending to the needs of the family members leaves women with no time for themselves. Many women tend to sick and elderly people at home and are required to be in attendance constantly. Thus lack of time to make regular appointments with the doctors and keeping up with the appointments is a problem and women tend to neglect their own health.