Nolvadex: a medicine in chemotherapy

It is an admitted fact that every person has to get death. In the past, the ratio of getting diseases and death was very low but with the development in science and technology, we have made such things due to which this rate has been increased to a great extent. We take an example of atomic bomb. In the past there was no chance of getting any disease or health problem due to radioactive rays. But from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you can get an idea of the destructions due to this atomic bomb. In other words, we can say that this development in this world is also responsible for the increasing rate of diseases. If you want to control over these diseases then you have to change your life style. You have to avoid from the junk foods. In this article, we shall discuss about the cancer and its treatment.

Nolvadex is used to minimize the development of breast cancer in the body because its rapid increase can be harmful for your body. When you use this medicine, it act as an anti estrogen and bind with the active sites of estrogens. As estrogens are responsible for the development of breast cancer so their effect is nullified by the use of anti estrogens like Tamoxifen or Nolvadex. There are also other medications available for the breast cancer but this medication is proffered by the doctors over the others.

There are some safety precautions or care tips about the use of Nolvadex. First of all, this medicine should be used after the prescription of the doctor. He knows well than you that whether this medicine is good for you or not. Hot flash is a side effect of using Nolvadex. In this side effect, you should try to keep yourself cool. You can do this thing by wearing light clothes or by putting cool cloths on the forehead. The duration of Nolvadex medication may exceed 5 years so make contact with your doctor. Nausea is also an un-common side effect of using Nolvadex so in this case you can use anti nausea medicines. Sun exposure can be bad for you so if it is necessary to go out in sun exposure then use protective sunblock clothing. Your good nutrition can also help you in Nolvadex medication.

Well in Nolvadex medication, testing and monitoring is also very important. You should be checked by the doctor regularly. He will analyze your blood working and proper organs functioning. If he will find any problem then he will give you an urgent treatment. Women will require a GYN examination before the therapy. Discuss about the schedule of this examination to your doctor.

Nolvadex medication comes in the category of chemotherapy. In chemotherapy, a specific medicine is used for the treatment of cancer. Treatment means to cure cancer, to control the growth of tumor if the cancer is incurable, to remove those cancer cells which are present after the surgery of the tumor. In short, chemotherapy is a wide field of treatment of cancer.