Diet reduce uterine cancer

Cancer is too much fatal disease and many of the medicines are available for its treatment. It is important to cure this disease before it turn to be dangerous. Some quotations said that prevention is better than treatment. In every kind of diseases, it is important to use such kind of diet which helps to prevent them or to cure. Some diets are also available which are helpful in cancer. In this study, there is a recommendation for diet in condition of uterine cancer.

By using the Mediterranean diet the risk of women’s uterine cancer can be reduced, researcher said. There are many benefits of healthy diet which help to reduce the cancer especially in women such as uterine cancer. In study, it is also noted that healthy life is totally dependent on good diet plan otherwise such diseases happened, author Cristina Bosetti said. His co-workers did research on 5000 Italian women about their diet that how much they use Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet consists of fish, nut, vegetables, fruits, cereals, some amount of alcohol and some of the dairy products. It was observed that women who follow on seven elements of Mediterranean diet among nine had reduced the risk of cancer up to the 57 percent. More over who used six elements had reduced 46 percent and 34 percent reduced in five elements using peoples. But there was no any remarkable reduction in uterine cancer that was using less than five components from Mediterranean diet.

Mean while it is important to explain that this study just only for relationship between diet plan and uterine cancer and it does not explain the cause and effect. But this concept need more work out because this uterine cancer becomes very serious in old age and overweight women and Mediterranean diet is become insufficient for their treatment. This study is only based that people had eaten Mediterranean diet in past and cancer reduced but just this information is not suitable. Obviously cancer increase due to some diet so it is more important to use healthy diet for their safe future.