Tamoxifen Citrate

Breast cancer is one of the biggest medical problems of today’s time. A great number of women are becoming the victim of Tamoxifen because they do not know the main cause of breast cancer. For those women who are not aware of its main causes, obesity, height, radiation exposure, estrogen exposure are some of the main causes of breast cancer. So the women who are leading a healthy life should give importance to these causes and should try to avoid all of these causes in order to continue their healthy life. There are many women who are suffering with breast cancer problem and they want to get rid of it. It is suggested to these women to consult with a professional and experienced doctor so that he can start your treatment with available medicines. Besides this, women who feel that they are healthy should also visit their near clinic or hospital and should go for a complete medical checkup so that it can be confirmed that you are not a victim of breast cancer. I have seen many women who do not know they are suffering from breast cancer because they never went for complete medical checkup. Such women come to know about their health problem when breast cancer becomes very harmful for the health. At that stage, breast surgery is considered as last choice for the health of woman. So it will be better for a woman if she come to know about this problem if she has at its initial stage. In such a way, it will be quite easy for the doctors to treat it through drugs.

When we talk about the best drugs which can be used for breast cancer treatment, then the first name that comes in our mind is Tamoxifen. Basically, Tamoxifen is a generic name and this medicine is not sold by this name. It comes in market under two different brand names i.e. Nolvadex, Blastofen and Oncomox. This medicine is now being supplied at every corner of the world. Although, other medicines are also available which are competing this drug but Tamoxifen has made its market value. Its’ customer are increasing due to its affordable price and good working. Both doctors and its users are very satisfied with its working and it is hoped that this medicine will be able to attract more customer towards itself. You can purchase this medicine from medical store as well as from online stores. In online stores, you just need to select this medicine and the dose you are prescribed by doctor. In a few hours, you will get this medicine at your door.

Side effects are also the part of Tamoxifen so you cannot ignore then before using them. Do not forget to read all side effects caused by the wrong use of Clomid. Some side effects caused by Tamoxifen are weight loss, hot flashes, tiredness, bone pain, vaginal discharge and dizziness etc. It is not necessary that every user of Tamoxifen will get these side effects.