High death share is due to cancer

Human is surrounded by many of the disease and it does not depend on the age. It was classical idea that disease attack on people who has more age and their immune system become weak. Now a day diseases are as common in younger people as they are in older. Now every disease is dangerous and due to these diseases, death rate in the world has been increased. There are many diseases which can be discussed as murderous disease and these are increasing day by day. Among many of such kind of diseases, cancer is now a hot topic in this research.

A report explained that a high rate of death is due to the cancer disease. Because from last decade of the year the death rate due to cancer has rose from 11 percent to 15 percent. And people turn into the cancer from healthy life is 29 percent, reporter said. Researcher said, there were millions of the cases related to cancer in 2013 in which 15 million new cases of cancer found. From age one to 79 years, every third men and every fifth women is suffering from cancer. There are about 1.6 million of deaths due to cancer and main reason of cancer was bronchus, tracheal and lung cancer. In another study, the main and very common type of cancer in women is breast cancer and on men side lung cancer is common type which leading the both genders to death. The given data is analyzed on 188 countries, 28 cancer types, from 1990 to 2013 century.

Cancer is increasing day by day and high amount of population is suffering from this. So there is a need to work on this and find some medicines and clinical action which may prolong human’s life.