Home Truths And Healthy Living

Life in the present times is very comfortable indeed. People can very well afford to live alone even during their sunset years and manage all the domestic chores on their own. We have the gadgets and the readymade products to thank for. For every conceivable task that you need to carry out at home, there is a gadget that is available. Backbreaking work on daily basis is no longer a reality. Take a look at the work life today. Manual tasks and repetitive processes have been taken over and automated. Instead of physical labor, man has begun to use his mental powers and the jobs today require more of thinking and applying intelligence in all areas of work rather than doing manual labor. This is but a very narrow view of the life of yester years as compared to the current times.

No doubt the material quality of life has improved in the present day, the same cannot be a measure of happiness and contentment in man. Are we happier than the previous generations? You may be actually surprised to hear the answer to be a ‘No’. Material prosperity alone does not bring about a state of happiness and peace in human beings. The comforts and luxuries of the present day have actually contributed to spoiling the health of the individuals. Earlier on, everyone had to engage in physical labor be it outside the home or at home. Hard work coupled with home cooked good food provided the nutrition to the body as well as the required exercise to maintain a good metabolism. If you compare the photo of a man of yester years to a man of today you will see a vast difference and the picture of the modern day man does not look better. Rather it is likely to show a certain kind of strained look lacking the energy which can be seen in the old photo. This is very true in the present day times. Men in their twenties look much older and by the time one reaches forty five they almost begin to look old and over fifties. Baldness, obesity especially fat around the mid waist coupled with diabetes, blood pressure and other lifestyle diseases are common. You may be surprised to know that the number of cases reporting infertility and male impotence is increasing alarmingly. If men attained andropause after the fifties, today the reduction of male hormone production is occurring as early as forties depending upon the lifestyle.

Lack of exercise and sufficient nutrition coupled with good sleep and stress free life is the secret of happiness in life. Physical exercise is a must for everyone coupled with control of palette. Absence of palette control and laziness promotes hormonal imbalance and can bring about long term problems in the form of depression, anxiety and a feeling of failure in men. The male hormone production fluctuation in the body can play havoc with their emotions and in the end they can end up damaging their relationships in life. In many cases people’s life breaks apart when they reach andropause. Most often we do not know the simple secret of living a balanced healthy and happy life. Art of living needs to be taught at all schools, colleges as well as at work places to get the people to be aware of living a happy and simple life.