Hormone Onslaughts

The birth of a child lights up many lives including that of the parents and the entire family. The home where the child is born has a different and happy vibration. The joy and the good tidings are in the air. A new life brings about a lot of changes in the lives of every member of the family. Relationships often get mended and the members of the family become more humane and prone to make a lot of adjustments to suit the new member’s needs.

Raising a child opens up a new world of responsibility and role playing for the parents. They quickly get used to taking turns to keep awake all night in order to nurse and care for the new born. With every mile stone the baby reaches and with every step the child takes, the joy of the parent’s increases manifold. With the happiness and joy of seeing their child’s growth, the worry and the sense of responsibility of the child too continues to grow. From then on till such time that the child grows up to be an adult, the responsibility of the parents does not cease.

The natural role of the father is to provide for the family and the needs of the child. The mother on the other hand tends to be worried and watching out for the behavior and the value systems that the child is imbibing from home as well as from one’s environment. With exposure to the school, the children begin to learn by observing others. When the child grows up to become a teenager, the parents begin to worry a lot more. With the onset of puberty, the hormones become active and the teenager enters a new phase in life. While the youth begins to think of himself as an adult and an individual and wishes to assert his identity, the fact remains that he is still a child at heart and is at an impressionable and sensitive age. The male hormones at this time can cause havoc tempting the youth to be attracted to a fast life, to partying and getting into relationships with an intense attraction to the opposite sex. All of these behaviors are natural and attributable to one’s male hormones. The hormones influence the mind and the feelings as well. The hormones are responsible for the growth of the sex organs as well as the overall growth of the body and muscles. Along with the physical growth, the sexual energy too begins to play havoc with the body and the mind. This is perhaps the most difficult period for the parents for they are often unable to control or assert their authority on the teenager and lose their sleep at night. The youth on the other hand finds himself becoming more aggressive and assertive and tends to detest any kind of authority from anybody.

Though the male hormones blinds the youth to the harmful effects of his actions and activities, the extent to which the youth can engage in harmful activities will largely depend upon his relationship with his parents and family at home and on the moral values imbibed through the parents. A family and home that provides for a supportive, secure and loving home will prove to be an effective barrier to control the onslaught of hormone induced reckless behavior on the part of the youth. Parents will no doubt have to go through sleepless nights for a long time to come.