How I am Coping With Cancer

I have been diagnosed with ER+ type breast cancer two months ago. After several tests and sessions with the doctor, I have been put on a hormonal treatment with prescription of Novaldex. Thanks to internet and sites like Wikipedia, any information that you wish to seek out is available. I have gone through all the information that is there on various websites regarding Novaldex. The generic name of Novaldex is Tamoxifen. From what I have gathered by reading the information, I understand as a common man that the ER+Type of breast cancer is such that the cancer cells depend upon Estrogen hormone for their survival and growth. Novaldex is designed to block the Estrogen receptor from being activated. Thereby the cancer cells are unable to get through with the Estrogen receptor and access Estrogen hormone and in the absence begin to die.

So much for the medical side of my treatment. I have also found the easy mechanism of ordering Novaldex online. I buy in smaller quantities so that am able to get fresh batch with valid expiry date. Ordering online is quite cheaper than buying at the local drug store for they give me better discounts and that too with home delivery.

Apart from what the doctors are trying to do with the course of treatment in my case, I am trying to see what else can be done to help myself and something that helps fight the disease. I have been through counseling and have joined several cancer groups that are in my city as well as at the hospital. But beyond this I am looking for something that will rouse my inner strength. I have been praying to god and meditating all the time asking to show me the direction.

I have now been researching into the healing techniques that are being practiced. There are several techniques practiced in the oriental, I mean Asian countries as well as in China and Japan. The basic technique of healing is centered on a system of Prana or Energy flow in the body. They talk about the electro magnetic field that is surrounding the body and the different rates of vibration of each of the fields. There are detailed theories that talk about the different types of energies that control and maintain the different metabolic processes in our body. The Indian system of Yoga and the Chinese methods of Tai Chi have done into understanding the human body and the working in greater detail and are able to identify and capture the different types of energies that are responsible for different functions in our body. When ever the energy field is disturbed due to various reasons the effect is seen on the physical body part. Healing a physical body means first the energy field has to be healed and set right, which then heals the physical body automatically.

Besides this energy healing practices, there are several alternate medicinal systems like Nature cure, Siddha Yoga and Ayurvedic medicines. But at this point of time I do not wish to disturb the current course of medication and treatment that I have been put through by the doctors. Going ahead with pranic healing is not an issue for it will only aid in the treatment and does not interfere with the current course of treatment.

I believe that Self Help is the Best Help. Therefore I make it a point to find out more about what I am getting into and where I should be headed. I choose to walk with destiny on my terms and so should you.