Live Life King Size

Just like the word Fire brings to the mind an awareness of heat and burning, the word Cancer brings to mind a fear of the unknown. Even HIV Aids is no doubt an epidemic of the current century, so is diabetes. But these diseases do not convey to our minds a kind of fatalistic feeling and sense of helplessness as does cancer.

Actually if you think and ponder on this for a while, we will begin to see that our perceptions are not entirely correct. This might have been true about thirty years back because cancer was known to be a fatal disease and there wasn’t any cure. But since then a lot of research and money has gone into making progress in terms of understanding the facts as well as combating the disease.

You do not need any medical specialist to tell you today that Cancer in most cases is curable. There have been very great advances made in the medical and treatment fields both in surgical as well as non surgical methods of treatment which is able to halt the progress of the cancer growth with multi pronged approach.

The progress in the cancer treatment alone is not sufficient. Along with it the diagnostic methods and tests too have been developed. With early detection of cancer, identification and mapping of pro cancer individuals who run high risk of contracting cancer, the doctors are able to wage a successful war over cancer growth right in the beginning and in most cases we have patients returning to normal lives after a couple of years.

Media has certainly helped in educating and spreading the awareness of cancer and related subjects. Websites, magazines and several public awareness campaigns talk about early detection as well as treatment of cancer. Therefore this has helped many people go in for early diagnosis which itself helps in the success rate of treatment.

There are very highly advanced treatments available and in most cases the patients are treated with a combination of hormonal therapy, radiation and chemotherapy. In some cases lumpectomy or surgical intervention may be required too. Normally when women are found to have ER positive cancer, they can be cured with the administration of Novaldex. This works as an estrogen receptor inhibitor which cuts off the supply of estrogen hormone to the cancer cells. Since cancer cells depend upon estrogen for their survival, without the access they do not survive for long.

However besides the medical treatment aspect of Cancer, the other major aspect is that of the patient’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. It is the psychological aspect that takes a beating and with the detection of cancer the entire life suddenly undergoes a complete change.

This in fact becomes a test of strength of character of the person. This in fact becomes the battle of life for all the patients. The real victory is in winning over fear and putting on a brave fight. In the end what matters is how you fought and how you lived life enjoying every moment of it. Life is anyways too short. Make use of every moment and live life King Size.