New devices to speed up cancer treatment

Treating cancer is not as easy as some people think it might be. The strange thing about treating cancer is that its medicines do not work in the same way for all patients. Sometimes, doctors have to use a combination of medicines while sometimes they do not need. Cancer treatment goes on trial and error basis and that is why its treatment takes much time.

Two research teams say they have found multiple ways to decrease the treatment time. They showed up ways through which doctors can apply multiple treatments on patient at once. On treatment method is implantable device and the second one is special injection device. Many researchers from Seattle designed a device known as CIVO that has eight needles. Doctors can use this device to inject multiple drugs at once into tumors which appear to be close to person’s skin. It works in quite similar fashion as a syringe but the difference is that it can injects more than one drugs at a time. After one to three days of injecting the drugs, researchers can examine the effect of drug after tumor removal. This analysis can tell the doctor whether a drug is more effective against cancer or not.