Old cancer drug against effective cancer treatment

The drug that used to treat leukemia for decades is also being considered effective to treat cancer. University of Missouri researchers have found that 6-Thioguanine, also known as 6-TG, have better effects on patients suffering from cancer. This research has been supported by many well known doctors of this time who have proved the function of 6-TG effective against cancer. Associate professor at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, Jeffery Bryan, and his colleagues proved that 6-TG not only destroy cancer cells but also helps in weakening of cancer cells so they can be destroyed by other drugs.

Basically, each cell in our body has some genetic characteristics that instruct the cell how to perform functions inside body. Multiplication and death of that cell also instructed by that genetic characteristic also called as epigenetic markers. Cancer cells also have epigenetic markers which instruct cells to multiply more rapidly than normal. Due to this, the amount of cancer cells increases very rapidly and it becomes difficult to deal with it by using common medicines. The use of 6-TG attack on epigenetic markers of cancer cells by demthylation process which reduces the activity of epigenetic markers leading to great amount of cancer cells. After controlling the growth of cancer cells, it becomes easy for doctors to treat cancer in a limited time.

In a talk with Bryan, he said that it is true 6-TG is not a cancer killing drugs but still it can help a lot to treat cancer with other drugs in near future. Since we are succeeded in turning off the effect of dangerous markers with 6-TG so now we can practice the use of more powerful medicine to destroy cancer cells. According to Bryan, this research could open the doors for more effective research on those cancer drugs which are no longer used. He says that we can find out the best things about old cancer drugs and maybe we shall be able to kill many incurable diseases of this time.

"Epigenetic markers play the same role in humans as they do in humans, so we can expect to find same result in humans by the use of 6-TG" Bryan said. Moreover, the team is getting approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to use this drug against cancer treatment in humans as we got satisfactory results in dogs. Bryan and his colleagues are pretty much confident about this new drug effective working in human beings. With the use of this medicine, they are expecting an effective way to treat cancer in hospitals.

This research will be conducted multiple times at the MU College and if the results remained successful, they will ask permission from the Federal Government to start its testing on humans. Since a strong drug will also be used along with 6-TG so researchers are also working to make a better combination of both drugs. In this way, doctor will find ease to treat cancer in future days which is a good achievement by this team and will be remembered always.