Only One Life To Live

We have only one life to live and undoubtedly we want to live well. What do we mean by living life? The meaning could be different to different people. The meaning could well change over time as we evolve. Most people start off their life without knowing where they are going and what it is that they are seeking. There are a few who know the purpose of their life and spend their entire life trying to achieve their goals. Scientists, Painters and musicians etc belong to this category. They known their calling from within and listen to their heart quite early on. Once they begin pursuing their passion, the rest of the rat race and materialistic achievements do not matter to them at all.

Majority of the people do not know what they want out of life. There are many facets to making of an individual and the meaning of life in that individual's perspective. First of all there is an inner calling and bent of mind towards a particular field that one would wish to pursue. It could either be academics, arts, science or adventure sports or even social service. Many people devote their life to uplifting the poor and downtrodden and make it their life's purpose. Then there are those who swim against the current. These are the people who are generally called the rebels. They can even be the atheists or anti establishment in their view of life. There are but a few people who respond to a higher calling early on in life and become philosophers or spiritual monks. General population or the common man however follows whatever the destiny has set for him and gets on with life without thinking of where he is headed.

Apart from one's individual calling, every individual is also expected to fall in line with his family's expectations as well as the society's expectations. Society and family would generally expect the boys to study and pursue academics. However many a times, once the young boys attain puberty and begin to grow up, they often go astray and rebel against parental authority as well as the society. Typically such rebels engage in activities such as drinking, smoking and substance abuse or other activities that are forbidden by the family as well as the society. There may be cases of youth who discover their new sexuality and start getting into relationships without discretion. Many youth are led astray by their sexual drives or over working of the male hormones. There are many cases of youth engaging in indiscrete sex and multiple relationships early on in life and hurting themselves as well as the others in the bargain. These youth often miss out on the normal growing up and fail to make it to college and then to a stabilized career. They run the risk of destabilizing their life totally.

Parents are always scared of their boys during their teenage and post puberty growing up years. This is a very crucial period that can make or unmake the boy's life. Normally the boys at this age are blinded by new found freedom and get busy exploring the life. They are unlikely to pay heed to parental advice with the result that they can miss the most important goalposts of life including education, career and a stable home as well as relationship. When a boy is excessively engaged with girls and is hopping from one relationship to another, we generally blame the male hormones. However this may not be the only culprit. There can be emotional and psychological reasons that call for evaluation and medical assistance. Parents would need to step in and ensure that the youth does not waste his life and live with regrets later. Whoever said that parenting is easy?