Nolvadex is the brand name used by AstraZeneca for the generic drug Tamoxifen

As normal people we are unaware of the medical terminologies as well as the medications that the doctors prescribe. Our knowledge of the medicines would in most cases be limited to the tablets prescribed for cough, cold, fever and headaches apart from the multi vitamins and calcium tablets. These tablets make up for most of our medicine kit along with the general medication prescribed by doctors to our children.

Women nearing 40s should start getting serious about their body health and it is advisable to get complete medical examinations done once a year or once in six months. Doctors will advise women to screen themselves for possibilities of breast cancer, Cancer of Uterus or existence of fibroids etc. There appears to be general increase in the rate of breast cancer amongst women. The causes could be attributed to hormonal activity, genetic and hereditary factors or the lifestyle of the present generation.

The good news is that along with growth of incidence of cancer amongst women, the treatment options and medications for controlling and curing cancer have also increased and made rapid progress. Today women need not fear cancer as they did several decades ago. If diagnosed early it is possible in several cases to arrest further growth with medication or other course of treatments.

Normally where women are detected to test positive to early stages of breast cancer or even in advanced stages of estrogen receptor positive breast cancers in both pre menopausal and post menopausal women, Doctors prescribe course of Nolvadex treatment.

Nolvadex is the brand name used by AstraZeneca for the generic drug Tamoxifen. This is an anti estrogen chemical formulation that effectively works as an antagonist blocking the effect of estrogen. The breast cancer tissues require estrogen to grow. Nolvadex works against the estrogen receptors in the breast tissue through its active metabolite namely hydroxytamoxifen and blocks the estrogen’s effect in the body. Thus the cancer tissues can be contained. The doctors routinely prescribe Nolvadex as a standard endocrine or anti estrogen therapy for all cases of women who have been found to be positive to hormone positive breast cancers.

Like all other medicines, Nolvadex too is not without side effects. Some of the side effects of using this medicine are said to be quite serious or fatal and include possibilities of stroke, cataract, uterus cancer and fibroids etc.

For all women who are approaching their forties, it helps to get to know more about medications and some of the medical conditions that plague women. The knowledge of specific medications help you to manage the treatment and response better. For example now that you know that Nolvadex has serious side effects. If in case you were to find symptoms related to the side effects at any time during the course of treatment, you are likely to be more alert and consult your Doctor immediately to arrest further damage.

You will also be able to give more valuable and useful information to your Doctor to help him or her decide on the best course of action for your case. Incase you are pregnant you should not take Nolvadex treatment at all. So now that you know the effects and if you are pregnant, you will be more knowledgeable to work with your Doctor and help yourself.